Price 170.00
Caldera Gold Cruise
Day Cruise

Our Day Cruise begins, with a stop to the Red Beach, for enjoying a refreshing swim, followed by a pleasant sail along the White Beach, Black Mountain and the big Light House, south of the Caldera. Explore unmanned volcanic beaches where the spectacular colors will amaze you or just sunbathing on deck. Whilst heading to the Hot Springs, you will feel the energy of the Volcano and the spirit of the island. Our next stop is in Thirassia island.  A fishermen’s island, only for swim and admire the unique view of Manolas village, just before we enter the old port of Ammoudi. A delicious lunch with wine and dessert is served onboard.

Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Cruise starts from old port Ammoudi and followed by visiting, Thirassia island, Palea Kameni for swim at the famous Hot Springs, Volcano where you can do snorkeling, swim, or just enjoy the sun, the Black Rock of the Indian, the White and the Red Beach. Sailing along our beautiful coastline, you will be left breathless as you admire the unique Caldera and the spectacular colours of the world’s famous Santorinean sunset before we enter the port of Vlihada. As the night falls, a sumptuous dinner is served complete with wine and dessert. 


The cruise package includes complimentary:

• Transportation from/to the hotel with a/c bus

• Lunch or dinner with seafood, chicken fillet and salads, open bar with white wine, beers & beverages, dessert (Special dietary needs available upon request)

• Snorkeling gear

• Towels 

• Maps and information about our island

*Please note your hotel stay at the comments section, and any other special request about your reservation

* The company reserves the right a) to modify the route of the tour or cancel it due to inclement weather b) to carry out the tour with any vessel of the same category depending on the availability 

**The duration and the time schedule of the tour is adjusted during the season depending on the time of sunset.